What's The Safest Football Helmet For 2017?

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Every coach, parent and athlete wants to know what brand of helmet is the safest helmet on the market today. Thankfully the NFL and Virginia Tech has helmet safety ratings. It can be tough to determine which star ratings is best especially by selecting a helmet based on age. We have put a few points together to help you select which helmet is best for you. 

Don't Choose On Brand Alone!

Consumers should be aware of the Good, Better, Best product selection in football helmets and know not all models are created equal. When selecting a football helmet we urge you to research the technology of the helmet, safety of the helmet and reviews on the helmet. Remember just because the athlete gets handed a team helmet it may not be the best safety option for the athlete especially if it's a used helmet. We get it. Sports programs only have so much money so you may be getting adequate protection but definitely not the best available protection. It's up to the athlete, coach and parent to decide what is right helmet to choose. 

What's The Bottom Line?

We get it your busy. We will do our best to give you a quick guide in selecting your helmet. If the helmet is rated five starts we would recommend that helmet to any athlete 12+ yrs old to wear on the gridiron. We don't see a major difference in the Five Star Helmets allot of the selection will come down to personal preference. At Safety First Sports the Five Star Helmets we highlight is the Schutt Z10. There are other Five Star Helmets available, we choose those helmets because of what they offer in regards to safety, comfort and fit. If the helmet is rated Five Stars it's considered professional grade and if it's good enough for the guys on Sunday it will be a great selection for the athlete. Five Star helmets can range in price to $1,500.00 - $240.00 on average. 

What about Youth Football Helmets?

Currently the Football Helmet rating is only conducted on adult football helmets and not the youth models which are commonly made from a lower impact rated ABS plastic. In choosing the right youth helmet a parent and coach have to decide whether adequate is good enough or if they can afford the upgraded models that share most of the features of the Five Star Rated helmets. Here are the premium models we would recommend for youth players based on safety features and comfort.

  • Schutt: Youth Z10 
  • Riddell Youth Speed Flex 2) Riddell Speed

How do I choose the right sizing from home? has sizing charts as do most online vendors when selecting helmets. Make sure to measure the circumference of the head. A good rule of thumb is that if the player is at the very end of the size chart is to bump up one size and select the larger ear pads. 9.9/10 this will give you the correct fit. Sometimes an athlete will have a 2-3XL head in those cases please contact us as Schutt Sports does make larger size helmets for athletes given there connection to the NFL.

Still Got Questions?

Email Sean Murphy 

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Amazing Customer Service and Super Fast Shipping

The Helmet we purchased is lighter and more comfortable than the Ion 4d he used for last two seasons and it looks awesome. He is a senior defensive end and hits hard. With this helmet he says he doesn't feel the hits like he did before. I couldn't be more impressed with Safety First Sports with the customer service and super fast shipping.

By Brian M. 08/20/16

There's no Better Service

Ordered the Epic adult helmet. This helmet in Matte black is hard to get anywhere else let alone the time it takes to get it. I was highly impressed with this Safety First Sport. Shipping time was impeccable. It took less than a week to arrive, it was in great condition and the price was also cheaper than any other company. Highly impressed and referred to outside friends!

By Dazjjon I. 08/08/16

Great Service & Fast!

Super customer service and product delivered timely. Best service from a great provider!. Thank you

By Alejandro G. 08/08/16

5 Stars !!!

Thank you for such a great experience not only did you save us money we received our helmet and accessories four days after our purchase was complete. That alone is worth 5 stars the quality of our helmet is worth the other 5. Thank you

By Johnathan D. 06/08/16

Excellent Product and Service

Safety First Sports have been responsive and attentive to my requirements. Excellent service and customer support. Well done Safety First.

By Anthony B. 07/07/16

A+ Service

The helmet I bought is awesome!! Safety First Sports got the order right, it was shipped in good time, and arrived in great condition. Safety Sports is Grade A+!!!

By Carlos H. 09/16/16

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