What Bat Weights Can Do For Your Swing


Baseball bat weights, also commonly referred to as donuts, have a number of benefits to offer. Adding additional weight to the baseball or softball bat is said to increase the power of the swing. Research has shown that muscles contract the hardest when nearing maximum loads, so the added bat weight, plus the weight of the bat itself will give your swing more momentum and force. Additionally, this weight would strengthen muscles in wrists and forearms. Bats can weigh anywhere from 30 oz all the way up to 54 oz. Long-term use of bat weights while practicing is said to increase upper-body strength overall, which will in turn increase bat velocity.

Does Weight Matter That Much?

Some players believe that weight doesn’t play as big a role as others let on. When asking the pros, major league players use both light bats and heavy bats. Babe Ruth was known to have used up to three 40z bats while warming up. Experts believe there may be some psychological evidence that points to using heavier equipment, though the strength-training in the forearms and upper body is very beneficial. However, some studies have shown that when warming up with a heavier/ weighted, players return to their regular swing velocity after about 20-30 seconds of rest. In fact, it is believed that Roger Maris used a 33oz bat to hit 61 home runs in 1961. Mark McGwire used a 35oz bat when he achieved 70 home runs back in 1998.

Another trend dealing with the mass of your bat is bat shaving. In this process, the bat is thinned on a lathe. A minimal amount of the inside wall is removed, and therefore the bat becomes lighter. Experts say there are just as many benefits to having a lighter bat than having a heavy bat. A lighter bat creates flexibility and increases the speed of your swing. However, with this alteration, you sacrifice power. With a lighter bat, you may have a faster swing, but you lose the momentum behind it. In 1962 an experiment was conducted where Roger Maris hit five long fly balls with five different bats. The bats he used ranged from 33oz-47oz. On average, the heavier the bat used, the further the distance the ball traveled.

The New Generation of Weights

Though donuts and bat sleeves are slightly outdated, there is a new weight boasting quality results in player’s swings. Varo has introduced the Arc Bat Weight. The Arc Weight disperses weight to the end of the bat. The position of the Arc forces the athlete to drive their hands. Specially engineered, the player doesn't feel where the barrel is, protecting the sweet spot of the bat. Simply slide your bat down through the top of the Arc, and the core tightly hugs to your bat for quality performance. Guiding the weight to the end of the bat, provides a barrel feel to direct the swing through the zone. This encourages an inside path directly to the ball. Also, the weight distribution specifically strengthens muscles used in baseball or softball. It's not just weight to add power; it's assistance you can feel through your entire swing.

Varo Arc Revolutionary Bat Weights

There is more to a swing than power or speed. Varo Arc Weights are a prime example of direction and precision behind your swing. Added assistance by the Revolutionary Arc Weight lets you correctly feel the zone and swing through it evenly and more efficiently. Whether or not you agree about weight and mass of your bat, all can agree to the science and skill of an even swing. Have a Varo Arc Bat Weight direct your swing correctly through the batting zone while building forearm and upper body strength. Both yield impressive results in your next game. 

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