How to Pick the Right All-Star Game

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If your student-athlete wants to ever be noticed by different colleges and universities, one of the best ways to do that is through all-star games. The purpose of playing in an all-star game is exposure.

If you have a child that may be a great talent, but hasn't been noticed by major colleges and universities, then you should try to get your student-athlete into the right all-star game.

First try to pick a high profile game. A lot of states like Alabama and Mississippi play each other in high school football all-star games. Some of these games are televise on ESPN which is the type of exposure your child will need if they want to get a scholarship.

Another way to get exposure is to get invited to an all-star game. The Army All-American Game features some of the best high school football athletes in the country. The game is played on national TV.

The best time to play in these type of games are after the regular season when recruiting season for most coaches is in high gear; they will be narrowing down their recruiting classes before national signing day which takes place in February.

With that being said, not every all-star game is not like the Army All-Star Game. Be selective on the type of game you want your child to play in

If your child is to play in one of these games, make sure it is run by a reputable company or sponsor.

Don't let your student-athlete play in a game run by a bunch of agents and third party members who do not have your child's best interest. All they care about is using them to get what they want and they will use almost any means to do it just to influence your child

If you are selective as to which all-star game your child plays in, your student-athlete shouldn't have any problem getting an athletic scholarship to the right school.

In the event you have already been offered a full ride scholarship.


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