2016 AiR XP PRO VTD II Adult Football Helmet

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  • Product Description

    2016 Schutt AiR XP PRO VTD II Adult Football Helmet

    It is no secret that football has been taking steps to make the game safer, specifically with regards to the negative health consequences of concussions. From the American Medical Association (AMA) to the NFL's policies toward concussions, reducing concussions is at the forefront of football safety discussions.

    In order to reduce concussions, no piece of equipment can have a greater impact than a high-quality helmet that is specifically designed to increase player safety. Virginia Tech researchers are well aware of this fact, which is one of the reasons that led them to create a ranking system for safe helmets in a wide range of sports. The study ranks the safest helmets for each sport with a 5-star rating, with less safe helmets having lower star ratings.

    The Schutt AiR XP Pro VTD II Adult Football Helmet is a five star rated football helmet and received a performance score of 2.68 and would place 1st in the helmet rankings 

    Here are a few of the reasons the Schutt AiR XP Pro VTD II ranks at the pinnacle of adult football helmets for player safety.

    The Schutt AiR XP Pro VTD II Provides Unmatched Player Protection

    As Schutt helmets prioritize safety, offering players unmatched protection, and the AiR XP Pro VTD is no exception. The helmet utilizes two types of thermoplastic urethane (TPU) to achieve the ideal level of player protection. The first TPU utilized is a Dual Layer TPU at the front of the helmet that cushions the head from frontal impacts and collisions. The second layer of TPU is a single layer designed to surround the rest of the head for complete cranial protection. The light construction of this side layer makes the helmet as comfortable as it is protective, providing essential safety for the sides and back of the head.

    Extreme Protection without Compromising Performance and Feel

    The helmet's Surefit TPU AiR Liner air liner creates an ideal fit and ensures that the helmet is built to last, and its air liner creates a pillowy cushion that will ensure players feel as comfortable as possible while staying protected.

    Best of all, the added safety does not compromise player performance since the helmet is lightweight and versatile, ensuring players can move quickly and efficiently while still enjoying the safety and great feel of the Schutt Air XP Pro VTD. Additionally, comfortable jaw pads are included, which are designed to protect the jaw and mandible areas with a comfortable TPU that is designed to feel great while minimizing the harm of side and frontal hits alike.

    The AiR XP Pro VTD II Looks As Great As It Protects and Feels

    The Schutt AiR XP Pro VTD II matches its state of the art protection and comfort with a traditional look evocative of classic helmets, without the added danger of a traditional helmet. This blend of a timeless helmet in appearance with the modern technology of high-end helmet protection makes this Schutt helmet a must for athletes who want a great-looking helmet that feels great, and most importantly, protects players and their long-term health. A must for skill position players. 

    Sizes: Medium, Large, XL

    Weight: 2.5 lbs with attached facemask

    Recommend Ages: Middleschool, Highschool, College, Professional

    Available Helmet Colors:

    See Color Chart Above 

    * Schutt's Black out package (black bumpers, and ear pads)

       included in Matte Black & Gloss Black helmets. 

    Available Facemasks:


    Facemask Colors:

    Black, White

    Call 1-800-859-0724 or email us at info@safetyfirstsports.com

    • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT: 2 lbs 15oz
    • TPU cushioning system allows for a secure fit
    • Rated 5 Stars 
    • Maxium protection in lateral and frontal collisions



  • Product Videos

    • Schutt AiR XP-Adult Football Helmet Technology
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    • Schutt AIR-XP Football Helmet Fitting Instructions
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    Schutt AiR XP-Adult Football Helmet Technology

    http://www.schuttsports.com/ http://www.facebook.com/schuttsports http://twitter.com/schuttsports http://www.youtube.com/user/SchuttSports The Schutt AiR XP™ Adult Football Helmet is a traditional shell helmet with that familiar, spherical shape that so many players have grown up with. A unique combination of tradition with state-of-the technology in a helmet thats small in appearance but packs the BIGGEST protection of any traditional shell helmet on the field. Check out this video that highlights the features and technology in the AiR XP adult football helmet.


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Perfect Birthday Present

Well worth the wait just to see the smile on our grandsons face when he opened the box! As I am typing this he is asleep with his helmet on! His words the best present ever!

By PJ. 06/19/18

I didn’t believe the other reviews.

I thought my speed flex would take weeks to come in the mail but it only took two days and I called customer service and they answered all of my questions

By Vlad. V 05/10/18

Great Price and Fast Shipping.

Easily ordered online. Bat was exactly what my daughter wanted new and unwrapped. Received it within a couple of days with easy tracking. Thank you very much.

By Ronald A. 04/27/18

Youth Speedflex - 5 Stars !!!

Best prices on the web hands down!!! Helmet was special ordered and I received it within 10 business days. Fast shipping

By William V. 04/09/18

Schutt F7

Looks great! Very sturdy. No impacts yet because spring drills and camp are in a few weeks but my son likes the fit and feel. I picked a mask from the choices given and it was supposed to be titanium but it feels heavier than a titanium mask of similar size. Otherwise very light compared to the Riddell Revolution he was issued by his high school team. The F7 and Xtech shoulders pads I purchased for him pair very well

By Mauricio D. 04/26/18

Great Product and Customer Service

I bought my Riddell Speedflex and received an email about how my selection was not available. The customer service rep worked with me to get what I wanted. It was a great experience and shipping was fast. 10/10 would recommend.

By Paulo B. 03/28/18

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