Football Helmet Safety: Protecting Against Concussion and Brain Injuries

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There has been an increasing focus on concussion and brain injury in youth and high school sports teams, particularly in football. This is rightly so – new evidence suggests that even minor impacts to the head of young players can cause serious problems that last well into adulthood. What’s the solution for football players, where such impacts are not only common, but encouraged? It really comes down to understanding football helmet safety. The right helmet (with the right fit) can offer outstanding protection against concussion.

The Stats

To really shine a light on the problem of concussion in football, let’s consider a few startling facts.

  • In 2012, there were 3,800,000 concussions reported in youth and high school teams (twice the number 10 years before)
  • 33% of concussions actually occur during practice
  • 90% of reported concussions do not involve any loss of consciousness
  • More than 5 million adults in the US must deal with traumatic brain injury related disability as a result of football and other sports injuries (not professional players)

Those are sobering numbers, and they’re increasing. More and more middle school students are suffering from concussions sustained on the field, and the number of high school students injured is also increasing. Even recreational adult teams have a higher number of such injuries.

The key here is to ensure that all players, whether youth, varsity or adult, have the right football helmet, and that it offers the correct fit and the necessary safety features.

Choosing a Helmet for Better Safety

Football helmets today are very different than they were just a few years ago. The increasing awareness and rising number of concussions and traumatic brain injuries among football players have prompted manufacturers to create entirely new safety solutions.

One prime example of this is the Schutt Z10 Helmet. Priced at just $295 (down from $400), the Z10 Helmet embodies the best of modern design and safety features. It’s also available in medium, large and extra-large sizes to fit most players.

The Z10 helmet is available in just about any color you might want or need, and there are plenty of upgrades available, from Under Armour visors to mouthpieces and unique snaps and bumpers. However, it’s the safety features offered by the Z10 that make it such a stand out option on the market.

Our Commitment

At Safety First Sports, we’re dedicated to the commitment we make in our very name. We strive to ensure that players of all ages and skill ranges have access to only the best protective sports gear possible.


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Looks great! Very sturdy. No impacts yet because spring drills and camp are in a few weeks but my son likes the fit and feel. I picked a mask from the choices given and it was supposed to be titanium but it feels heavier than a titanium mask of similar size. Otherwise very light compared to the Riddell Revolution he was issued by his high school team. The F7 and Xtech shoulders pads I purchased for him pair very well

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