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Best Youth Helmet For 2020 Buyers Guide

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For parents and coaches alike much debate has taken place to crown the safest football helmet for youth athletes. The Virginia Tech Helmet study has rated youth helmets in the same classification as the adult football helmets. Given the term "Youth Helmets" has a wide range we break down the best options for you. Please remember that proper tackling techniques (Seahawks "Rugby" Style Tackling) & USA Football Heads Up Tackling are a must to learn for any athlete playing football.

1) Light LS1CY -Link-> Light Football Helmets

Rated five starts on the VA Tech helmet rating. We crown this helmet model the king because of it's weight and protection. Weighing only 2.9 lbs which is the lightest helmet made today. Bonus feature is the helmet is adjustable and the model can be used as the athlete grows making this the best option for parents and athletes. What we love is the weight as both Rugby style tackling and USA Football teach the head to stay up when tackling not down. Given the neck strength of most youth athletes isn't great the helmet is so light it doesn't drop the athletes head like other models. This is the number one helmet parents should be looking if there athlete is undersized and doesn't have allot of neck strength. 

2) VICIS Zero1 Youth

Ranked the number one helmet in the VA Tech helmet ratings. It's a great helmet, that weighs 4.0 lbs. The helmet is a great option and has all the marketing and national exposure behind it. 

3) Riddell SpeedflexLink- Riddell Speedflex - Youth Football Helmets

The standard in football helmets, the speedflex is rated five stars on VA Tech helmet rating system. This helmet is the most worn helmet by elite college teams and NFL players. If your athlete wants the look and feel of the pros this is your helmet. Helmet weighs 4.0. Custom options are available. 

4) Schutt Youth F7 - Link Schutt Youth F7

This helmet mirrors the adult version of Schutt's LTD the number one helmet ranked for adults. However in terms of protection it does not have the same level of protection in the crown and other areas of the helmet. Still rated five starts on most helmet tests. This is a little more beefed up helmet and worn by youth athletes on the older side 5th, 6th grade etc. This model is also worn by allot of colleges and NFL players, so your athlete can have the same look as their favorite players. 

5) Schutt Youth Vengeance A3 - Link Schutt Youth Vengeance A3

Rated five stars and the best priced helmet of the rated five star youth helmets. Perfect for parents that have an athlete just starting the sport trying to decide if they enjoy the sport. Weighs only 4.0. Custom available.

Honorable Mention: 

Schutt Youth Vengeance Z10 VTD

Schutt Youth Vengeance A3+

Riddell Youth Victor

Xenith X2E+

Perfect Birthday Present

Well worth the wait just to see the smile on our grandsons face when he opened the box! As I am typing this he is asleep with his helmet on! His words the best present ever!

By PJ. 06/19/18

I didn’t believe the other reviews.

I thought my speed flex would take weeks to come in the mail but it only took two days and I called customer service and they answered all of my questions

By Vlad. V 05/10/18

Great Price and Fast Shipping.

Easily ordered online. Bat was exactly what my daughter wanted new and unwrapped. Received it within a couple of days with easy tracking. Thank you very much.

By Ronald A. 04/27/18

Youth Speedflex - 5 Stars !!!

Best prices on the web hands down!!! Helmet was special ordered and I received it within 10 business days. Fast shipping

By William V. 04/09/18

Schutt F7

Looks great! Very sturdy. No impacts yet because spring drills and camp are in a few weeks but my son likes the fit and feel. I picked a mask from the choices given and it was supposed to be titanium but it feels heavier than a titanium mask of similar size. Otherwise very light compared to the Riddell Revolution he was issued by his high school team. The F7 and Xtech shoulders pads I purchased for him pair very well

By Mauricio D. 04/26/18

Great Product and Customer Service

I bought my Riddell Speedflex and received an email about how my selection was not available. The customer service rep worked with me to get what I wanted. It was a great experience and shipping was fast. 10/10 would recommend.

By Paulo B. 03/28/18

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