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Size: X-Large

Color: Scarlet

Facemask: SF-2BDC

Chin Cup: LOC White

Season: 2019

NOTES: Sold As Is - Slightly used; minor scratches

Product Features

The most popular football helmet worn by professional athletes and top division one athletes is now available to athletes of all skill levels. Customize to match your team colors helmet and select facemasks based by position.

The reason why you see this helmet so frequently worn by professional athletes and top college players is the technology of the Riddell Speedflex. The Riddell Speedflex uses state-of-the-art protection backed by extensive research, including 2+ million data points of on-field impacts. The Riddell has a 5 Star Rating – The Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™ ranked in Best Available helmet category. 


  • 5 Star Rating – The Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings™ 
  • Flex System reduces impacts 
  • Composite Energy Management System
  • All Points quick release
  • Tru Curve liner system for superior fit
  • Occipital Lock 
  • PSIP (PATENTED SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION) protects against rotational impacts
  • Ratchet-Loc™ Retention System 
  • HS⁴ Face - High strength spring stainless steel face mask that is thinner and lighter.
  • Five-Point Custom Inflation - Five areas for air inflation
  • Modern Design- Streamlined shell design with fully integrated components and innovations for peak athlete performance and state of the art protection.


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